At Caleb & Brown you have two ways of submitting a trade;

In this article we'll cover both these scenarios, as well as detail all the prerequisites to trading with us.

Getting ready to trade

Before you can trade with Caleb & Brown you need to have completed our application form, successfully completed KYC (Know Your Customer), have been assigned a Broker and a Customer ID number, and have a positive balance Fiat or Cryptocurrency in your Trading account.

If you've yet to complete one or all of these steps here are some articles below to help you out. If you have not signed up to our service you can open an account here.

Once you've completed each step you're ready to trade.

When depositing for the first time if you'd like to send us a test transaction you are more than welcome to. Please coordinate this with your Broker, or our Support team to ensure a fast turn around time.

DO NOT trust any services or imitations which ask you to submit funds urgently.

1. Trading with your Broker

How do I trade with my Broker?

If you want to Buy, Sell, or Swap immediately please contact your broker here.

Trading with your Broker is very straight forward, simply email them instructions on which token(s) you'd like to buy, sell, or swap and they will send you a confirmation once the order is processed.

To ensure there are no delays executing your order, be sure to reference the email sent to you after your initial phone call or email exchange with your Broker.

What trades can I make with my Broker?

With your Broker you can place the following types of trades. In our provided examples we talk to Buy orders (Fiat ➡️ Token), but these could also be Sell (Token ➡️ Fiat) or Swap (Token ➡️ Token) orders too.

  • Single line Market / Spot orders

    • eg; sell AUD, buy BTC

  • Single line Target / Limit orders

    • eg; sell $40,000 AUD, buy BTC when it hits $25,000 AUD

  • Multiple line Market / Spot orders

    • eg; sell AUD, buy BTC, buy ETH

2. Trading in the Portal

Trading in the Portal is a new experience for Caleb & Brown clients, you can Buy, Sell or Swap any of the hundreds of tokens we support. The process is automated, and we notify you within the Portal and via email once the trade has been received and is successfully completed.

NB: You will need 2FA set up on your Portal account to use Trade. If you would like to find out how to set this up, please read this article here.

To access Trade, login to your Portal account and click on the menu item on the left hand side called TRADE.

How do I navigate the Trade UI?

Here's a quick rundown of everything on the page within Trade.

Trade UI without any selections.

Trade UI when requesting a BUY order.

  1. Enter unit amounts, and select token/fiat to "sell"

  2. Enter unit amounts, and select token/fiat to "buy"

  3. Estimated order value & fees

    1. Here we list an approximated output from the trade, it is important to note that pricing displayed is indicative only and not guaranteed.

  4. Place order - click here to continue with your order

  5. Recent trades

    1. Here we list all open, and recently completed trades

  6. See all trades

    1. Clicking this will navigate you to the Transactions page within Portal, there you can search past transactions

How do I trade in the Portal?

Once you've navigated to Trade, complete the following steps to buy, sell, or swap.

  1. Select the Token or Fiat you'd like "sell"

    1. You will only be able to select from a list of currently held fiat or tokens

  2. Select the Token or Fiat you'd like to "buy"

    1. You can select any Token or Fiat currency supported by Caleb & Brown.

  3. Click PLACE ORDER

After clicking Place Order, you will be prompted to confirm your order.

After confirming your order you will see the below message, and receive an email summarising the trade.

Email summary

We will send you a second email once the trade has been successfully filled. In the unlikely event we cannot fill your order we will contact and email you immediately.

Other things to note

Trades can have the following statuses;




Trade Request sent to your Broker.


Your Trade order has been approved by your Broker, and is being filled by our Trading team.


Your trade has been executed and completed. Your Token / Fiat currency will appear in your Wallet within a few minutes.

Once you've placed and confirmed your order, on the Broker summary screen (see below) you may;

  1. Place another Order

    1. This will return you to the empty Trade UI, ready to enter a new trade.

  2. Track your current Order

    1. This will navigate you away from Trade and to the Transactions page, where you can search past transactions and view pending and processing trades.

How do I cancel a trade?

To cancel any order placed with Caleb & Brown, please contact your Broker immediately either by phone call, or email.

Can I place a recurring trade?

Currently this is not supported with our Trade feature - but if this is something you would like to see in the future please get in touch.

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