Target Orders or limit orders, are key to any Investor's trading strategy. They ensure you get your preferred price, and a good night's sleep.

This article will guide you in how to enter and manage your Target Orders from within the Caleb & Brown Portal. For an understanding of what Target Orders are, see our article explaining them here.

We cover a lot in this article, so here are some links to key topics to help you out;

How to read the interface

The Target Orders UI allows you to enter buy or sell trades, cancel previously entered orders, or request the order be executed "at market price". We'll explain each of these in more detail below.

This is the Target Order UI if you have no trades entered.

The screen is divided into two areas, on the left is the order form and on the right is the order table.

  1. Order form

  2. Order table

  1. Order form, here you enter your buy or sell parameters

  2. Order form checklist, detailing all fields we need from you to successfully enter your target order

  3. Order table headers

  4. Order table filters, use these to sort and organise your entered target orders

  5. Target distance helps you understand how far your order is from the current market price (this updates when you refresh the page)

  6. Go at market / Cancel order controls

    1. Sometimes you want to cancel an order, or expedite the purchase. Clicking these will notify your Broker of your intent

Entering a Target Order

Before entering your order, please check you have a sufficient balance of your chosen token or Fiat.

Once you've navigated to the Target Order's UI;

  1. Select if you'd like to BUY/SELL

    1. Clicking the button will toggle between the two options

  2. Enter the token using the drop down & enter the total units

    1. If a Sell order, please ensure you've a sufficient balance in your Caleb & Brown wallet

  3. Enter your target price

  4. Using the drop down, select the fiat currency or stable coin you'd like to execute the order with

    1. For now, we only support entering target orders in Portal where one side of the order is a stable coin or fiat currency. You may still enter token to token targets via your Broker

  5. Review your order and click NEXT

Reviewing your order

After clicking next, you will be taken to your Order Details page. Here we summarise your;

  • Pairing

  • Sell side currency/token

  • Quoted units

  • Remaining balance

  • Buy side currency/token

  • Target price

  • Current market price

  • Percentage difference between current price & market price

  • Expected fiat amount of the order

  • Fee percent paid

  • Total

On this page we encourage you to check all details before entering your order. If you abandon the form at this stage your target order will not be placed. You must click Place Target for the order to be submitted to your Broker. If you would like to edit your order, click the red < to the left of the Order Details heading.

Once you are satisfied with your order click PLACE TARGET.

You have now successfully requested a Target Order. You will see the below success message in the Portal, and you should also see your order added to the order table on the right hand side. It will immediately have the status PENDING, once your Broker approves the order (usually a few minutes) you will then see the EXECUTE / CANCEL buttons appear.


Where can I see my completed Target Orders?

All completed target orders will be viewable from the Transaction page, under the Targets tab.

Can I enter any Target Order?

Currently we only support the entering of buy or sell orders within the Portal Target Order UI. This means we support any buy or sell order where one side is a stable coin or fiat currency.

If you would like to enter a Target swap order, going from one token to another token please contact your Broker and they will be more than happy to assist you.

How do I cancel a Target Order?

You can cancel your target orders by emailing your broker with the specific information of the order. Or you can request to cancel your order via the UI, by clicking the CANCEL button.

How do I know if my order is close?

When your order is close to your target, within 5% of your target price, we will display a green target icon next to the line item on the Order Table. You’ll also see the Target distance percentage will read something close to 95%.

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