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A quick guide to viewing and downloading your portfolio transactions from the Caleb & Brown portal

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Within the C&B Portal, you can access all your previous trades from the Transactions page. You can generate a CSV to download for your records, or just check your most recent trades on the fly. It can also be helpful when needing to share realised gains at the end of your financial year.

What are the key features of the Caleb & Brown Transactions page?

From the Transactions page you can;

  • View all historical trades made with C&B

  • View all historical deposits and withdrawals

  • Filter previous transactions by both date, and trade size

  • Export your filtered search as a CSV file

The makeup of a Transaction record

Each transaction contains the following pieces of information;

  • Trade type

    • Buy, sell, swap, withdrawal, deposit

  • Date and time

    • These are based on what the order was lodged and executed in our system. We then normalise the time shown on the record to your local timezone

  • Currency

    • Your default trading account currency

  • Amount

    • The total amount transacted, relative to your default Fiat currency

  • Status

    • Orders are in one of four statuses: pending, processing, completed, or canceled

  • Notes

    • Using the note icon on the right-hand side, you may store information specific to that transaction

Opening the Transactions page

To view your previous transactions first login to the C&B Portal. Once logged in, click on the TRANSACTIONS menu option on the left-hand side of your screen.

Interacting with your transactions

By design, we have made the transactions table as uncluttered as possible. To access more information about each transaction, just tap or click and more information will drop down.

Filtering your transactions

Once on the Transactions page, you can use the filters to narrow your search down.

Navigating the Transactions page filters, from left to right;

  • All Transactions

    • Shows all transactions, regardless if they are a buy, sell, swap, etc

  • Deposits

    • Filters the table to only show crypto and fiat deposits into your C&B account

  • Withdrawals

    • Filters the table to only show crypto and fiat withdrawals from your C&B account

  • Trades:

    • Filters the table to display historical buy, sell, and swap trades

  • Dates

    • Allows you to filter the table by date range, so for example you can filter transactions to just the last financial year using the date picker

  • Transaction Size

    • Allows you to filter your transactions based on their total currency value

  • Clear

    • This will clear your cumulative filters, and reset the table back to display all transactions

  • Export CSV

    • Clicking this will download a CSV file of your transactions, using the filters you have enabled if any

And that's it we hope you found this article helpful, if you'd like any more information please reach out to us on chat.

If you have any questions, or you need assistance completing the registration form, you can ask our Product Specialist team through the Chat button in the bottom right corner of the webpage.

You can also call our support help desk on +61 1800 849 149 (Australia) or +1 (844) 494 6515 (International), from 9am to 5pm (AEST), or request we call you back by submitting an enquiry on our website.

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