Within the Caleb & Brown Portal you can now download reports which detail your holdings, orders, trades, transactions, deposits and withdrawals.

The reports come in two formats;

  1. Account Summary in PDF format

  2. Transaction Summary in CSV format

This article will explain what each report contains, where to locate them within the Portal, and the differences between the PDF and CSV versions.

Where can I download my report?

Reports can be downloaded from the Transactions page, within the Portal.

To find them follow these steps;

  1. Login to the Portal at app.calebandbrown.com

  2. Navigate to the Transactions page (left hand side menu)

  3. To the top-right of the Transaction table, is the Export Summary button

How do I download my reports?

Once you've navigated to the Transactions page and clicked the Export Summary button you will be prompted to make two selections;

  1. What type of summary report would you like to export?

  2. Within what date range would you like the summary?

    1. For your ease we have the following quick options available;

      1. All time, Last 24 Hours, Last 2 Weeks, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, and Year to Date

Downloading your summary with a custom time range

  1. Navigate to Transactions

  2. Click on Export Summary

  3. Choose from Account Summary or Transaction Summary

  4. Select the custom time period for your summary

  5. Using the date picker, select your desired date range

    1. nb: Portal summaries only go as far back as August 2020. For an earlier report please contact your Broker

  6. Click Apply Dates

  7. Click Export

  8. Your file will be saved with the following naming convention

    1. <dateTime>_AccountSummary_<customerID>

What is the difference between an Account Summary and a Transaction Summary?

An Account Summary is a formatted PDF document that can be provided to your Accountant for tax purposes, or for your own general record keeping.

The Account Summary includes the following data points:

  • Holdings

  • Orders

  • Fiat Transactions

  • Crypto Deposits

  • Crypto Withdrawals

  • Other Transactions like Air Drops and C&B promos

The Transaction Summary is a minimally formatted CSV document, and contains the following transaction types;

  • Fiat Transactions

  • Crypto Deposits

  • Crypto Withdrawals

  • Other Transactions

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