Interpreting your Account Summary

This article gives you an in-depth overview of both the Account Summary PDF report, and the Transaction Summary

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To learn how to download your Account Summary from the Portal, check out our article on Download Reports in Portal.

Account Summary (PDF format)

An Account Summary is a formatted PDF document that can be provided to your Accountant for tax purposes, or for your own general record keeping.

The report is divided into six sections, with each section belonging to at least one page, the sections are;

  1. Holdings

  2. Trades

  3. Fiat Transactions

  4. Crypto Deposits

  5. Crypto Withdrawals

  6. Other Transactions

Section 1 - Holdings

This section lists all assets that you hold with Caleb & Brown at the time the report is generated, along with the value of your assets held with us.

Section 2 - Trades

Here you will find all orders that have been completed with us. The different types of orders that can be made are buy, sell, and trade orders.

  • Buy Order - Purchasing cryptocurrencies with cash

  • Sell Order - Selling cryptocurrencies into cash

  • Trade Order - Swapping from one cryptocurrency into another (including stablecoins)

Section 3 - Fiat Transactions

All cash deposits and withdrawals are listed in this section.

Section 4 - Crypto Deposits

All deposits / transfers of cryptocurrencies from other wallets or platforms to Caleb & Brown are shown here, along with the transaction ID (TxId) associated with the transfer, that can be reviewed online using Blockexplorers.

Section 5 - Crypto Withdrawals

All withdrawals of cryptocurrencies from Caleb & Brown to external wallets or platforms are detailed here, along with the verified wallet address that coins are withdrawn to.

Section 6 - Other Transactions

Any airdrops that you are eligible for or promotional items with Caleb & Brown will be detailed here.

Transaction Summary (CSV format)

The Transaction Summary is a minimally formatted CSV document, like an excel spreadsheet. Below is a glossary of the various headers you'll notice in your summary and what they each mean.


This is formatted as mm/dd/yyyy and includes a time stamp.

Transaction Type

Buy - purchasing cryptocurrencies using fiat

Sell - selling cryptocurrencies into fiat

Trade - swapping between cryptocurrencies

Deposit - any deposits of fiat or cryptocurrencies

Withdrawal - any withdrawals of fiat or cryptocurrencies


You will be able to view all the notes you've added to each transaction in the CSV spreadsheet.

Quote Currency

The preferred fiat currency that you choose to denote the value of your holdings with at Caleb & Brown.

Total Value

This is also known as the total transaction size of the asset handled in the given row.

Line Side

All trades will have at least one buy side and at least one sell side.

Line Currency

Denotes the asset handled in the given row.

Line Units

The total amount of units handled of the asset defined in the line currency.

Line Price

The market price obtained for the asset handled at the time of execution.

Line Value

The total transaction size subtracted by the line fee.

Line Fee

The brokerage fee charged for the given trade.

Line Total

The total transaction size (before fees are deducted), calculated as line price multiplied by line units.

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