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How quickly is a trade processed?
How quickly is a trade processed?

This article discusses how trades are fulfilled at Caleb & Brown.

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When you submit a trade via the Portal or via an email to your designated broker, your broker will submit this to our team of traders as soon as possible (this is often within minutes). Your broker’s inbox is monitored 24/7 by multiple team members from multiple timezones to ensure each transaction is captured. If the order request needs any clarification, your broker will get in touch.

Once our traders receive the order, it is fulfilled through our access to institutional pools of liquidity and OTC desk providers. Our team will use available technology and techniques to get you the best price they can find. If you want to read more about our superior access to liquidity - you can read more here.

Whilst trades are often executed end-to-end within minutes, there are many variables that can influence the duration of the trade (such as the liquidity of the coin/tokens involved, and the size of the trade).

For example, if you are trading a relatively large volume of an illiquid altcoin, our traders aim to minimise moving the price out of your favour. Hence, they will use time and techniques to manage slippage. You are always welcome to discuss this with your broker prior to execution.

If you are wanting a trade processed to secure your chosen asset at a particular price limit, you can set up Target Orders to ensure those prices are captured. To learn more about target orders see here.

Once the trade is complete you will be sent a confirmation email with a copy of all the trade details (including units purchased/sold for each asset, the prices, and the fees involved). We have added an example of the confirmation below.

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If you have any questions, or you need assistance completing the registration form, you can ask our Product Specialist team through the Chat button in the bottom right corner of the webpage.

You can also call our support help desk on +61 1800 849 149 (Australia) or +1 (844) 494 6515 (International), from 9am to 5pm (AEST), or request we call you back by submitting an enquiry on our website.

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