Caleb & Brown integrates directly with the OSKO payment framework in Australia. This means Australian customers can instantly deposit AUD into their Trading account through a unique PayID.

How do I deposit AUD?

If you are an Australian customer you can now deposit funds using the PayID network.

You first need to set up your PayID and associated bank account from within the C&B Portal. These are digital accounts held under your name, within Caleb & Brown.

Setting up your PayID

Once you've logged into the Portal, follow these steps;

  1. Click on Wallets and then Deposit Fiat

  2. Click Generate Account

After a few seconds the screen will reload and you'll see the below;

From here you can select to send money to your PayID or via your unique BSB and Account Number.

Depositing/sending AUD to Caleb & Brown

Once you've created your account, you can save that as a contact within your preferred Australian banking app.

The first time you deposit money you'll need to do the following;

  1. Log in to your banking app

  2. Click to pay a new person

  3. When selecting payment method (eg, bank details, BPay, etc) select the email option

  4. Enter your C&B PayID

  5. Enter the amount you'd like to send

    • Enter a Payment description if required

      1. Not all banks will require this, but if they do, we recommend using your full name

      2. Caleb & Brown does not require any description to successfully match your deposit to your account

  6. Tap/click the send button

Your funds will now be on their way to Caleb & Brown.

The first time sending AUD using your PayID could take up to a few hours for us to receive it.

What is PayID and how does it work?

For a full understanding of PayID we suggest checking out this website,

We've also prepared own description below.

How PayID works within Caleb & Brown:

You are creating a digital bank account, in your name, hosted within Caleb & Brown. The account is created using your unique Customer ID as the account name. The resulting PayID and BSB & Account number are entirely unique to yourself, and once settled, funds will be instantly credited to your trading account.

What is PayID and what is OSKO?

PayID is a way for people to send and receive money online. It's like a special address that you can use to send money to other people, just like you would use an address to send a letter through the mail.

OSKO is a special service that works with PayID. It lets you send and receive money in just a few seconds.

PayID and OSKO are operated by BPAY, a well-known Australian payment and banking services provider. These services are widely used by financial institutions and payment providers worldwide and are growing in popularity due to their convenience and security.

Can I send any currency to my PayID?

No. Caleb & Brown only supports AUD at the moment. Any other currency sent to these addresses will not make it to Caleb & Brown and may be instantly refunded by the network.

We are currently looking into building similar support for other fiat currencies like USD.

If there's a currency you'd like to instantly deposit to Caleb & Brown or another feature you'd like to suggest please reach out here.

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