Keeping clients' assets safe is the priority at Caleb & Brown. This article provides more information on the security, risk management, and customer protection measures we have in place.

1:1 Balance

Client balances are held on a 1:1 basis denominated in each respective asset. This ensures that there is no mixing of assets and each client's balance is kept separately.

Non-Trading Balances

Client balances are not traded, and they are backed by 100% full reserves. This means that Caleb & Brown holds an equivalent amount of assets in reserves to the total value of their clients' assets held in custody.

Direct, on-chain custody

Assets in Caleb & Brown's direct, on-chain custody remain at 100% of total liabilities. This means that all client assets held in custody are held on-chain, and there is no off-chain storage of client assets.

Capital for trading

Capital in hot wallets and exchanges for trading execution are funded by Caleb & Brown's operating capital. No other use of client funds is made.

No Unauthorised Trading

Client balances are not traded without client direction. Caleb & Brown never makes any trades on behalf of their clients without receiving specific instructions from the clients.

No Unauthorised Lending

Client balances are not lent out. Caleb & Brown does not lend out any client assets without explicit instructions from the clients.

No Unauthorised Collateral

Client balances are not used as collateral. Caleb & Brown does not use any client assets as collateral for any purpose.

Caleb & Brown takes security very seriously and implements various measures to ensure that their clients' assets are kept safe. With the use of Fireblocks, a market-leading digital asset custody platform, and the implementation of various security measures such as 1:1 balance, direct on-chain custody, and no unauthorised trading or lending, clients can be assured that their assets are secure while being held in Caleb & Brown's custody.

If you would like to read more about our approach to risk management and client protection click here to view the blog post written by our CEO Jackson Zeng.

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