Caleb & Brown communicates with you through either direct phone calls or emails, to provide you the best sense of personal service and security when trading with us and speaking with our team. In saying this, it is hence important to ensure that you keep your emails and accounts safe.

Here a few recommended tips to protect your email security:

  • Avoid accessing your emails from public computers, such as in internet cafes or libraries; most public networks are unsecured or have a lack of security infrastructure. There may also be people wandering about around you that can pry their eyes at your information

  • Never share your email password with others such that it may be accessed elsewhere or used by unknown parties

  • Avoid clicking links or entering sites that seem to good to be true

  • Have 2FA set up on your accounts and devices that contain or communicate sensitive information

For more information on detecting suspicious messages, head to our other Help Article on Identifying Scams or Phishing Attempts.

For more information on 2FA, head to our other Help Article on What is Two-Factor Authentication?

If you are a current Caleb & Brown client and would like to have a free security consultation with your broker, please feel free to email or call them to arrange a time to discuss.

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