Prices can move quickly in any market, especially the cryptocurrency market. Ensuring you're entering and exiting a position at the right time, or just understanding what direction the market is moving can be vital for any investor.

In the Caleb & Brown customer Portal we now allow users to set one-time price alerts for any token we list, that will deliver both an SMS and Email to you once a price has been crossed.

How do I save a price alert?

Setting a price alert takes just a few clicks.

  1. Navigate to MARKETS

  2. Search for the token you want to get an alert about

  3. Enter the price

  4. Click SAVE

Where can I see my saved price alerts?

To see your price alerts that have yet to hit, click on the ALERTS tab from the MARKETS, OVERVIEW page.

  1. Navigate to MARKETS and select OVERVIEW

  2. Click ALERTS on the top menu

From here you can delete, or edit your previously set alerts.

How do I edit my alerts?

From the alerts page, use the πŸ”” icon to edit the alert, meaning you can increase or decrease your alert limit. Or click the trash can icon to delete the price alert entirely.

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