The crypto market is vast. Making sense of it can be difficult if you aren’t familiar or you’re arriving as a new comer to the market.

The Caleb & Brown Sectors chart can help you make sense of the market—the whole market—at a glance.

What are Sectors?

When we mention Sectors, we are referring to how tokens and coins can be grouped to better understand the market. In the same way a typical stock market has sectors such as, technology, energy, mining, etc, the Crypto market can also be grouped into appropriate Sectors.

  1. Currency

  2. Smart contract platform

  3. DeFi

  4. Culture & Entertainment

  5. Computing

  6. Other

While many services try to do this, we think Coindesk do it the best so far. We take inspiration from Coindesk’s Digital Asset Classification Standard (DACS). If you’d like to learn more, you can read all about it here.

Navigating Market Sectors

To help you on your crypto journey we have an interactive Sector map now in the Portal. To find it, first login, then click on the Markets menu on the left hand side. Now select SECTORS from the drop down.

  1. This scale represents percentage change with respect to the previous period (day, week, month)

  2. These are Sector names, as detailed above

  3. Advanced options to further interrogate the data

Using advanced settings

To open Advanced Settings, click the gear icon in the top right hand corner of the chart. This will open a navigation drawer allowing you to further interrogate the chart.

From top to bottom:

  1. Performance

    1. Allows you to toggle between the look back periods, we support a daily, weekly, or monthly currently

  2. Block size

    1. Sectors can be viewed using Market Cap or the previous period's Volume

      1. Market cap is for understanding the overall size of a token, relative to others

      2. Volume is a tool for understanding transactional volume of each network, relative to others, relative to the selected time frame

  3. Range

    1. This allows you to limit to chart based on the min/max market cap or volume, depending on the block size setting

  4. Hide

    1. Allows you to hide individual tokens from your analysis, or entire sectors (use sub sectors to toggle between)

  5. Zoom mode

    1. Allows you to zoom in on specific sectors for deeper insight

  6. Sub sectors

    1. Toggles the hide button between showing coins to hide or sectors to hide

  7. Reset

    1. Click this to reset your filters and reset the chart

  8. Close options

    1. Close the options drawer

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